Small obsessions: the candle edition

Candles are one of my love languages.

Oftentimes I’ve heard that candles as a gift are boring and generic – and maybe they are to some people – but at the end of the day there’s such abundant enjoyment in laying on the couch with no pants and a good book when your surrounding area smells amazing

I don’t think I really have a preferred scent range – honestly, I love them all – but I do tend to gravitate towards more masculine, richer woodsy scents in the cold months, and bright floral/citrus ones in the spring and summer. Gourmand, foody scents aren’t usually my thing unless it’s a good pumpkin or cinnamon for fall or there’s something really different and special (Bijou candles in June comes to mind).

And of course, while I love a good expensy ~luxury~ candle, part of the joy in acquiring a neverending candle collection is that they’re not super expensive. D.W. Home candles from T.J. Maxx and Bath & Body Works candles are some of my favorites. I didn’t really get the hype about Diptyque until I was gifted on this past New Year (Baies is good, I’m mad I love it).

  • Boy Smells – Kush· I’m not big on fragrance blind buys, but I followed Boy Smells on the gram for ages before finally sniffing their best-smelling Kush at the gorgeous Brave Floral in Maplewood. You know those people that just smell sexy and a little disheveled? Like a girl in a slightly oversized leather jacket wearing smudged and runny eyeliner who is really open about how dicey her “affording rent” situation is? That’s this smell as a person. I want to roll around in it and give the impression of being a fun, messy bitch. It’s such a good bedroom smell – romantic, earthy and woodsy, just a little floral. This is a whole Mood – suggestive, but not overt. I have Purple Kush in the pipeline for my next burn
  • Diptyque – Baies · I have previously never believed in spending $65 on a candle so I’m delighted but also annoyed that I got Baies as a New Year’s present from the CMO at work because wow, I love this one so much. For lack of a better description: it smells clean, floral, French, and expensive.
  • Bath & Body Works – Bergamot Waters · This smells like Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue in candle form. No brainer. B&BW is always having a sale of some sort, so grab the three-wick suckers when they go half off.
  • Basically, any candle from T.J. Maxx · There are days at work when I ask my friend Jess over gchat, “Can we smell candles at lunch?” and if she says yes, we go to T.J. Maxx together, and if she says no I go to T.J. Maxx by myself. Either way it’s rare that I leave without a candle and 8 times out of 10 it’s from D.W. Home, but the Scentsational brand has a White Pumpkin fragrance that is TDF in the fall. I have a hard time linking to them since the in-store and online stock vary so wildly, but they have such interesting and fun scents, great throw, and you can’t beat the price. Go forth and release your inner Jan Levinson.
  • Get Fictional · I’m just going to throw out an endorsement for the entire brand because I love shopping small, their candles are titled after pop culture and book characters (!!!!) and they have such a fun, unique range of smells. My personal favorites: Jon Snow (“cool mint, balsam fir, cedar wood, warm spices {clove & cinnamon} and amber”) and Dracula (” sea salt, wood, amber, pine, fir, and spice with just a touch of citrus”).

If you have a favorite brand or scent of candle – throw it at me!

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