Weekly recap #1

It’s Friday, it’s a good almost fall weather day, it’s Dave’s birthday (!!!) which means gangster movies and him talking in a Jersey mobster accent for the next few weeks. I’m having a weird burst of anxious feelings and ambitious feelings (hence this post and the urge to write, hi, hello) and figured I’d list all the good things about the week that I’ve been enjoying on a number of fronts:


  • Currently feeling weirdly anxious and sporadically motivated, aka I’m being pulled different directions and also currently on a dEvElOp YoUr PaSsIoNs AnD hObBiEs kick. Mostly I’m struggling to stay focused on one thing. Maybe it’s the weather?
  • Had such a good day in New York City with Zac and Alisha, despite overeating at Jacob’s Pickles and feeling queasy walking around Central Park in the unusual heat.
  • Dave got me an Apple Pencil this past weekend and I downloaded Procreate and I’m having fun experimenting with brushes and painting over photos of the cats. I have a WIP of Betsy that I love in particular.
  • Dave’s birthday is tonight and I’m excited to relax and have him open presents and maybe cook something cool.
  • Hanging out with Hillary and Scott in Philadelphia tomorrow which is going to be great, despite the 85° weather.
  • I forgot I had a Skillshare subscription (wow, that’s a low I think?) and I’ve added a bunch of creative writing and some fun stuff (illustrating) and some not as fun stuff (marketing) because why not? I will take this self-improvement kick while it lasts!


  • Nothing bookwise this week, which is a little embarrassing, but I’ve been trying to keep busy creatively in other ways. Maybe this weekend is a good time to dive into The Kindness Method and get into developing good habits that stick, or maybe finally tackle Three Women, which has been hanging over me for a while – I’ve been very not in the mood for heavier read – but I’m really intrigued with all the mixed review.
  • I’m on a spending freeze for books (and pretty much everything) until I get through my unread pile, other than the Barnes and Noble gift card burning a hole in my pocket, but my next purchases are going to be Obviously by Akilah Hughes and also The Sweetest Fruits.

Around the Internet

  • That post from Jamie Varon really resonated with me.
  • I continue to adore Kate Baer. I’m excited for her poetry book next year.
  • Late to the party on McMansion Hell, but the commentary alternates between fascinating and informative and hilarious:
(via McMansion Hell)
  • I would be remiss if I didn’t link this this tweet directly but also this image, oh my god. Between the Housewives of it all and just the fun of meme culture (zoom in on the wall of glyphs) it’s just perfect:
(via Twitter @chrisckelly)
  • I just discovered How Do You Wear That – she’s a Jersey girl which of course I love, and her outfits are so unfussy and fun and chic.


  • Music: Channeling my inner 14 – 19 year old, so Taking Back Sunday and The Weakerthans have on repeat.
  • Be There in Five I just recently discovered Kate Kennedy’s podcast and strongly relate to tons (the burgeoning Etsy business, growing up very middle class and a little attention hungry in the aughts, deep diving into pop and internet culture etc.) and it’s become a fast favorite. I’m into all of the references to the 00s (hello weird Facebook album names + the pain of picking out your AIM away message) and she has great discussions and great guests (Grace Atwood, whose blog I have been following for a decade, and Heather McMahan! So good).
  • Bad on Politics – I love Bad on Paper (going to the NYC live show) so their podcast on being a little more informd about the upcoming election is a no-brainer.


  • Recently rewatched The Haunting of Hill House and it’s still so good. I love some of the details I missed the first time around and enjoyed doing another deep dive after I finished.
  • Three of my favorite shows are back this week: The Good Place, Superstore, and Always Sunny. Excited to catch the first two on Hulu later tonight.
  • Dave has been on a King of the Hill kick after we took a pause on watching it early this year and it holds up so well years later.

This is going to be a really good weekend. Happy fall Friday.

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