Weekly Recap #2

Even during a decent work week, Fridays are a sigh of relief. Come to mama.


  • Scheduled a weekend full of absolutely nothing. Maybe a brunch with just me and Dave and a quick trip to Morristown or Maplewood for some flowers, but that’s it. Looking forward to a very unstructured two days of cleaning and relaxing with no obligations.
  • Having a weird time with many anxious feelings that are manifesting themselves physically (tight chest, shortness of breath etc), and I think it has to do a lot with the changing of seasons and the days getting short. These 6:08 sunsets are not boding well.
  • I’m coming up on the end of month two of lash extensions and I love them. They’re my major vanity exception, other than haircuts (and skincare and makeup and and and). It’s nice to wake up and feel fluttery. Will probably continue until it’s not possibly in the budget.


  • Making it a priority to squeeze in an hour of reading or writing into my day no matter what, whether that’s getting up a half hour earlier to read on the couch or taking a break after dinner to jot down some thoughts.
  • I started The Most Fun We’ve Ever Had and Fleishman is in Trouble and I’m invested in both. Recaps to come. I have books coming in the mail even though I’m running out of space to place them. I’m committing to knocking at least 10 books off my list before the holiday season swallows me whole.

Around the Internet

Good Buys

  • Scored a great yellow blazer and tweed cropped jacket at Goodwill for $36 total and I love them.
  • I got this Conair Straightener at a discount during the Ulta Gorgeous Hair event and it’s been a game changer, especially since I use straighteners to do curls and waves as well. I’m finally tackling s-bend waves, which were not within the realm of possibility with my comically terrible previous hair straightener. Bonus points because it’s so pretty.



  • Currently on rewatch rotation: King of the Hill. The “Return to LaGrunta” episode is still one of my favorites.
  • Part one of the final season of Bojack Horseman is out and I’m so excited, even though I’m sure it’s going to be bittersweet. Might start it this weekend, but it’s entirely mood dependent, because this show can be a fucking bummer.
  • Living With Yourself started as a little screwbally, but quickly came into form as a dark comedy that is super, super uncomfy (if a little predictable). I needed a palate cleanser after this.

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