Sick Burns, vol. 1

Candle moods, notes, and musings while I burn through my pile of candles in an effort to streamline my candle shelf. Here we go.

Diptyque Ambre. Bought on recommendation from, repurchased, and gifted in the beautiful cognac glass for my birthday by Dave. If this candle were a person I’d be arrested for smelling it all the time. Sensual, clean, appropriately expensive-smelling because it’s expensive. Have to wrap with foil for tunneling every so often, but it smells so good I don’t care. 10/10, highest marks because wow.

Diptyque Roses. I like the smell of roses; I don’t usually like rose-scented things. This is closer to a rose and pleasantly coy. 6/10.

Boy Smells St. Al. This is was your childhood friend’s cool but intimidating mall teen older sister in the 90s who wore lots of velvet and vintage – powdery sandalwood cut with florals. Burns cleanly and evenly, like most Boy Smells candles. 8/10.

Boy Smells Gardener. I have two favorite local florists: Collyflowers in Morristown, and Brave Floral in Maplewood. Every time I burn Gardener, it transports me back to sunny Saturday mornings pre-COVID when I would take a morning drive to Maplewood for a bouquet or arrangement from Brave, stop at The Able Baker for banana bread and a soy latte, and head to Meus for cute home goods and Word for a new read. Supporting local businesses is looking different lately, but the smell of a familiar place helps. 8/10.

Overose Gaiasilk. This is the most unexpectedly addictive favorite candle. I don’t know whether I want to huff it or eat it. The palo santo and chocolate notes push the boundaries of my favorite scent profiles – I don’t like anything too gourmand, but I’m going to keep burning this forever, basically, even if it’s not beloved by all members of the household. 7/10.

Byredo Bibliothèque. I mean. It’s fine. The promise of a library mood hooked me, but it’s a touch too oily and leather-bound for my liking. It could be a nice candle for a very masc office space; picturing Dave’s future office, which he wants to paint deep red and where he wants to hang a reproduction of Two Followers of Cadmus devoured by Dragon. This is the candle for that office. 4/10.

Sensual Candle Co Shai. I love the wood wick, even if Dave mistakes the crackle for the second of the cats lapping up wet food. Throw and scent are heavenly, a nice even split of lavender and citrus. It’s peppy and reminds me of the dawn of summer and drinking lavender spritzes outside just a little too early on a Sunday. 9/10.

Maison Louis Marie No. 4 Bois de Balicourt. If you told me this was an ode to sweet curries and coconut milk, I would have believed you. I am bewildered by the hype. Nice enough smell, just not what I imagine given the scent notes of sandalwood, vetiver, and amber. 4/10.

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