February Book Round-up

Hello a few days late! I ended February on a cruise ship for a work trip and got some good reads in, though overall I struggled with staying on pace for my 75 book goal.

I started this month with the intention that I wanted to read more than my usual escapist thriller list, partially because I am burning out on the genre and nothing feels fresh, but also I feel like I haven’t read anything that has challenged or moved me in a while. I’m glad I voiced that intention and followed up because while I didn’t read the quantity I aimed for, this was a pretty good month in books, with the exception of my only did-not-finish, The Seasonaires (I got past the prologue and requested a return on my Kindle).

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January book round-up

I fell off the wagon for my reading list last year after work got super busy, then fell into the pattern of using social media scrolling + TV to soothe my brain instead of reading. I didn’t really set any ~intentions~ for this year but I want to get back into the swing of reading, and reading a more diverse range of books that are challenging and enriching, and not just escape-y, formulaic thrillers.

If I’m being honest I’m beating myself up a little for only reading four books last month – in my element I’d read 4-5 books in a week, sometimes 2 a day if it’s a slow weekend – but it’s a start, and 4 books in a busy month isn’t a bad count.

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